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With BacStat procedures, chemical relaxers are NEUTRALIZED FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THE INDUSTRY. Water is the natural conditioner for hair; water penetrates the cortex using the cell membrane where it is needed. Through research and testing, BacStat has found a way to hold moisture in the hair shaft without oils.

This means no more breaking and dryness every time you shampoo! Oils are not moisturizers and will not change the condition of hair. Oil based conditioners offer no change in the health of your hair, just coating and lubrication. Chemical services change  the hair from a "normal state" to a "swollen state". This is caused by the "pH" of the chemical used, how long it was used, and how much heat exposure. This "swelling" needs to be removed so that water moisture can be locked in for hair to be healthy and normal.

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How is BacStat Used in the Salon?
Since every client that comes into the salon has hair (theoretically), it Is safe to say that all of that hair suffers the same problem...“Swelling”. It doesn’t matter what kind of hair you are working on, it’s all the same chemical structure, so the treatment will be the same with the only difference being technique because of styling differences and hair texture.

Check out the product guide for a complete breakdown of products and how they should be used.

Our explanation of hair conditioning has been verified by the scientific community with laboratory documentation.