aqua gel

Aqua Gel/Aqua Mist

aqua gelAqua Gel is used in very small quantities. After shampoo, apply Combout – rinse, spray Innerset – leave in. Apply Aqua Gel to wet palms – rub together and apply to hair, leave in for the most satisfying moisturizer you will ever use. Use small pea size for, short fine hair. Pea size for medium texture and large pea size for longer, thick and frizzy hair. Gives fine hair the most body ever!!! Curly hair is shiny, pretty, and not frizzy….. STOPS FRIZZZZZ! Fine hair has more body and shine without oils to weigh it down. Aqua Gel is an integral part of BacStat’s “Thermal Realignment”.

aqua mistAqua Mist is a spray version of Aqua Gel. Aqua Mist a true moisturizer that is absorbed into the hair shaft completely. Aqua Mist should be used with in the BacStat system. Best used with Comb-Out, and Innerset.

Spray Aqua Mist on dry hair before application of color or bleach to help retain moisture and enhance color. Aqua Mist allows color and bleach to penetrate faster and deeper.

Clients love this moisturizer because it does not add weight, and provides shine and manageability. Daily repair, frizz free Aqua Mist daily moisture repair can be used on permed, colored, or natural curly hair, and will leave hair frizz free. Aqua Mist will strengthen the hair after one treatment. Use Aqua Mist on a daily basis to maintain daily repair, or to just keep the frizz away. Spray on 5 to 8 sprays of Aqua Mist, leave in and style.

AQUA GEL moisturizer: Available in 4 oz., 15 oz.
AQUA MIST: 8 oz., 16 oz.

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