Re-bond connects the cysteine bonds after any chemical service.

Do not shampoo hair:

  • Rinse hair throughly, towel dry.
  • Spray BacStat Re-bonds, 7-10 sprays according to length.
  • Process 5 minutes, rinse and shampoo.

Re-bonds leaves hair strong with bright color and smooth texture.

Moisture Drops, Salon Product

moisture drops

FOR HAIR: Maintains moisture balance in body hair and scalp. Adds luster and sheen to chemically processed hair. Great for course, extra dry hair. REQUIRES ONLY A FEW DROPS! Available: 43 Grams
FOR SKIN: Replaces natural moisture. This is a one-of-a-kind moisturizer that will make you smile every time you use it. apply MOISTURE DROPS along with COMBOUT for great moisture relief during sun exposure.
Available in 2 oz.


This unique spray has many uses in salon services. On the scalp it protests and stops redness from waxing, perming, hair relaxing, etc. Soothes itching and other irritations that might occur. totally safe, even for children and pets.A bacteriostatic solution with acidic properties. BAC-CIDE will aid in the control of chemical skin reactions caused by strong alkaline products. It is also effective on most skin areas that are scaling or itching due to a rash.

Blow Dry Heaven, Salon Products

HairPush 00000

TURN YOUR HAIRDRYER INTO A MAXIMUM SPA TREATMENT! use BLOW DRY HEAVEN on ALL thin, fine to medium textured hair. With your blow dryer and hot styling tools, you can create softer, thicker and stronger hair with maximum shine and style control. Reduces tangles and is great for fine hair with natural curls. BLOW DRY HEAVEN can be used with every shampoo, or as needed. Available in 4 oz or 8 oz.

New Hair

NewHair is Active! And we mean Active!
NewHair is a new salon service that is making corrective hair care easy and profitable. Apply NewHair to any hardened hair to soften and remove buildup. Safe for all hair types, even bleached hair. NewHair should be used before perms or colors to pre-soften difficult hair which will allow the chemical service to process with predictability. Use on any client that needs a hair overhaul. Great for conditioning old perms or naturally curly hair. Use Innerset after NewHair to bring back all the curl, shine, strength and flexibility.Greatly improves softness and moisture…adds great body and control over frizzy, unruly hair. Lasts for months! Available in 15 oz.