Color Brite

A shampoo that corrects yellow in hair. Grey or bleached.
Can be used daily.
Available in 16 oz. 

BlackHair 00000

Daily Shampoo

daily shampooJust like the name for everyday use. Cleans hair of styling product build-up with no coating agents to weigh hair down and cause style distress. Also can be used as a shower body cleanser! A big selling favorite with clients, including men! Concentrated and can be diluted 3 - 5 times.
Available in 8oz., 16 oz., Gallon 

Moisture Essence Shampoo

moisture essence shampooA mild shampoo that protects and adds body to color treated and permed hair. Leaves hair more
manageable. Also good for naturally dry hair. Great for back bar shampoo after chemical services.
Available in 8oz., 16 oz., Gallon 

Moisture Pre-Cleanser

moisture pre cleanserAn emulsifying spray that loosens dirt, oils, hair sprays, conditioners, and buildup from styling products and water deposits. Penetrates the cuticle to make cleansing more effective. Use before shampooing for super charged cleaning.
Available in 8oz., 32 oz., Gallon

Use before applying color on damp hair...yes, that’s right! Use less color and get brighter results with more even distribution and better condition! Use before Perm solution to greatly aid in the penetration of the solution, and again before applying neutralizer to aid in penetration. Clean hair is a must...Use after any chemical service to remove all residue from colors, perms, bleaches etc. that will continue to cause color fade and dryness, breaking etc.