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style gelSTYLE GEL
This defining gel sets the standard…Contains no oils to draw in humidity. Light-weight with great hold, builds body on fine hair, curly hair, etc. If you let your hair dry natural use Stylgel. A dime size will do. Comb through and let dry.
Available in 8 oz., 16 oz.

Formulated to add strength and body to hairstyles. Promotes excellent hold in all types of hair. Water soluble and easily removed with shampoo. Great for blow drying or roller setting. Layer Style Lotion along with other BacStat styling products for added options. Allows great style setting in both dray and humid conditions.
STYLOTION: Available in 8 oz.
STYLOTION CONCENTRATE: Available in 16 oz.

fast dry hair foamFAST DRY HAIR FOAM
If you like to flat iron, then you will love these professional hair style products. Start with Fast Dry Hair Foam (Mousse)1 pump is all you need then blow dry. Fast Dry Hair Foam will make hair soft, shiny, and calm fly-aways.

moisture management complexMoisture Management Complex
Before ironing, spray on Moisture Management Complex professional hair product then iron. Moisture Management Complex will put moisture where it is needed, and protect the hair. Finish with BacStat Hair Spray for a light hold.
Available in 8 oz., 16 oz.

aqua mistAqua Mist
If you want moisture and body, spray on 5 to 8 sprays of Aqua Mist Easy Care Hair Style, comb through and blow dry.

hair activatorHAIR ACTIVATOR
Activates curls and wave patterns. Softens and moisturizes after curly perms. High quality ingredients insure style success. Available in 8 oz., 16 oz.

TURN YOUR HAIRDRYER INTO A MAXIMUM SPA TREATMENT! use BLOW DRY HEAVEN on ALL thin, fine to medium textured hair. With your blow dryer and hot styling tools you can create softer ,thicker and stronger hair with maximum shine and style control. Reduces tangles and is great for fine hair with natural curls. BLOW DRY HEAVEN can be used every shampoo, or as needed. Available in ________

design sprayDESIGN SPRAY
Extra hold, humidity proof spray that will take a style from the salon to the beach! Works like a liquid mousse without being sticky, gummy or dulling. Fast drying and flexible and will hold the most dramatic styles through all weather conditions. Lots of shine and styling options. Works great for curling iron and flat iron work – does not stick to irons. Builds body for style memory. Lighting cast for styling options, then spray more for high hold.
Available in 2 oz., 8 oz., 32 oz., Gallon

Definition coming soon…
Available in 8 oz., 32 oz., Gallon

hair hi litesHAIR HI-LIGHTS
Formulated for use before any heat process such as hot irons, blow drying or dryers. Great on relaxed or straightened hair. Activates, brightens and softens hair. Hair Hi-Llights is the number one in todays salon for black hair care. It only takes 2 sprays of Hair Hi-Lights to activate, brighten, soften, and moisturize hair. Hair Hi-Lights is excellent on relaxed/straightened hair. Use Hair Hi-Lights before any hot iron process – only 2 sprays. Great for very dry and difficult hair. Available in 4 oz., 16 oz.

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